Taking a Walk - and An Update on My Health

Hey!  I just took a short walk in the yard.  It is a beautiful day here in Virginia.  Can you see the Blue Ridge Mountains in the background?  And now I am dictating this blog post while I take a rest at my foster mom's feet.

I went to the vet this past week, and got more bloodwork done.  When I first came to my foster home, an x-ray revealed a cloud in my lung.  That is probably why I was panting a lot.  Bloodwork was done, and my white blood cell count was quite high and I was also mildly anemic. I was put on antibiotics (as it was suspected I had pneumonia), and more bloodwork plus another x-ray was done two weeks later.  The x-ray of my lung was much improved and my bloodwork was better, but still not in the normal range, and so I continued on two more weeks of antibiotics.  Then, on Wednesday (August 22nd), I went back to the vet again for more bloodwork. My white blood cell count is still high, but coming down.  I am still mildly anemic.  My vet said he wants me to take a break from the antibiotics for now, to see how I am. If I start to show signs that I am not feeling well, then I need to come back in to see him.  Otherwise, I need more bloodwork in a month.  My vet said maybe my white blood cell count is still be elevated due to the pneumonia.  

I am doing okay though!  I didn't want to eat as much as usual yesterday but this morning I was very hungry and it was a little hard for me to wait my turn for breakfast! This past week I have been enjoying snuggle time on the sofa with my foster mom, and this morning I rolled over on my back for the first time so she could give me a belly rub.  I like these foster parents, but I am hoping there is someone out there who will take a chance on adopting a dog with some health and pain issues. It is kind of risky, I know, for someone to think about adopting me.  Who knows what the future holds?! And I know most people want a young dog with no health or pain issues.  I wish I didn't have any health or pain issues!  But that happens to dogs sometimes.  And to people too. 

My foster mom said not to worry; she said I will always have a home with the Blind Dog Rescue.  But I would like to have my very own forever home.  So, if your heart is big and you want to take a chance, please think about adopting me!

In the meantime, here are a few more pictures.  Thanks for stopping by!!


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