Taking a Walk - and An Update on My Health

Hey!  I just took a short walk in the yard.  It is a beautiful day here in Virginia.  Can you see the Blue Ridge Mountains in the background?  And now I am dictating this blog post while I take a rest at my foster mom's feet. I went to the vet this past week, and got more bloodwork done.  When I first came to my foster home, an x-ray revealed a cloud in my lung.  That is probably why I was panting a lot.  Bloodwork was done, and my white blood cell count was quite high and I was also mildly anemic. I was put on antibiotics (as it was suspected I had pneumonia), and more bloodwork plus another x-ray was done two weeks later.  The x-ray of my lung was much improved and my bloodwork was better, but still not in the normal range, and so I continued on two more weeks of antibiotics.  Then, on Wednesday (August 22nd), I went back to the vet again for more bloodwork. My white blood cell count is still high, but coming down.  I am still mildly anemic.  My vet said he wants me to

Freedom Ride!

Here I am!  I just left the shelter, and am on my way to my Blind Dog Rescue foster home!  I like to ride in the car, and I was quiet all the way over the mountain to my new home!

Hi! I'm Zinnia!

Welcome to my blog!  Thanks for stopping by!  I will be writing in my blog about once a week, talking my life here in my foster home while I wait for the just-right forever home.  Could it be your home????? So below is the first picture I would like to share.  That is me in the front, with my tongue out.  :)   I am at a temporary foster home, before I came to the Blind Dog Rescue. I was at this home for about a week, waiting for my Blind Dog Rescue foster mom to drive over the Blue Ridge Mountains to pick me up.  I look like I could be related to all the dogs on this bed, don't I?  I got along with these dogs just fine, and I get along pretty well with other dogs too.  The only dogs I find annoying are dogs that don't see too well who bump into me. I don't see very well either, and you would think I would understand, but I just don't. And I have some pain, and so it not only surprises me but it hurts me when suddenly they bump into me. There are two dogs in my fos